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Richard Brancato noted that the acquisition is a big step toward Rockrose's long term goals for portfolio diversification.
The creation of this new role of Chief Operating Officer at AmericanWest will allow me to dedicate more of my time to strategy and long term goals for the company's continued success," concluded Daugherty.
We stipulate how it is necessary to identify needs within the organisation and ensure these needs are mapped to short and long term goals.
So keep SaVi in the forefront of your equity ownership opportunities as these type of extraordinary rewards come from companies like ours that are committed not just to the short term but especially to long term goals, vision, as well as committed to building the foundation right the first time in order to retain lasting value.
This move comes at a critical juncture as Tiger Team has set out an ambitious agenda for the year, and believes that such a move will only help in its ability to achieve its short term and long term goals.
Management will present an update on the company and its long term goals.
The Corporation's long term goals require that share prices be maintained above certain levels.
BlueStone Capital assists small-cap companies in maximizing their growth by providing sophisticated investment strategies to meet their clients' short and long term goals.
We remain very committed to reaching our long term goals for the Company.
Our goal is to provide innovative transaction processing solutions to our customers; adding an industry leading company to our team strengthens not only our long term goals but our short term goals as well.