Piper longum

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Piper longum,

n See pepper, long.
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Pandey, post-doctoral fellow Pam Ovadje, and graduate and undergraduate student contributors have published their long pepper findings in the November 2014 edition ofPLOS One.
It contains pomegranate seed, lesser galangal, long pepper, cardamom, and cinnamon--spices that my research indicated support good digestion in several ways.
There are over 1,000 species in the Piperaceae family, the most significant being those that bear the Indian and Javanese long pepper, the cubeb pepper, and of course the almighty peppercorn.
For the long pepper ganache: In saucepan, combine milk and cream
Cherry tomatoes and long peppers can be grown in hanging baskets, perhaps with herbs such as parsley or chives interplanted for textural contrast and vegetative good looks.
The chile xcatil were absolutely delicious long peppers stuffed with fish and served in the middle of a spicy red sauce that made for a tasty place to dip bread.