long axis view

long ax·is view

in echocardiography or magnetic resonance imaging of the heart, a projection parallel to the ventricular axis and perpendicular to the interventricular septum of the heart; four-chamber view.
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When visualised in parasternal, long axis view and short axis view can give an idea of being enlarged and impaired, but this can be misleading due to observer variability.
On echocardiography in left parasternal long axis view demonstrated enlarged left atrium with doming of Anterior Mitral leaflet and restricted Posterior Mitral leaflet mobility with trivial Mitral regurgitation and characteristic hockey stick appearance of anterior mitral leaflet.
For measuring the depth of tears, US probe must be switched to long axis view once the tubercle sulcus has been found on short-axis view.
16 segment LV model was derived from apical 4 and 2 chamber and parasternal long axis view records.
Severely increased interventricular septum is seen at TTE parasternal long axis view
An in-plane imaging approach is not usually used for CVC insertion because the simultaneous visualisation of the needle and vein is difficult with an in-plane approach; a long axis view where a vein is imaged longitudinally.
Just because you can image a single frozen long axis view of something linear and white (that is, echogenic) does not mean that it is an endometrial echo that should be relied upon.
Anteriorposterior (short axis) of mitral valve annulus was obtained by parasternal long axis view.
The parasternal long axis view shows an aortic mass attached to the aortic valve
Transthoracic echocardiographic examination revealed a mild mitral regurgitation and an outpouching located at posterior wall on parasternal long axis view (Video 1.
30) The assessment is complemented using the short axis and long axis views (Fig.