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Our customers will appreciate even faster logon and logoff times in ProfileUnity v5.
These features include in-depth performance management tools, multi-channel communications options, remote logoff capabilities and much more.
With this new release, the SSO Agent has been enhanced to better detect user logon and logoff activities.
The entire line of SPYRUS Hydra PC USB encryption drives are invulnerable to such attacks because no password authentication values or keys are ever stored on Hydra PC devices after logoff or removal.
Provide the means for facilities to implement functionality for access control, emergency access, automatic logoff, audit logs and authentication in support of implementing systems that support protecting the privacy and security of patient data.
BB&T guards clients' accounts with 128-bit encryption technology, multiple firewalls to shield the network and logon security measures with automatic inactivity logoff.
Significant login and logoff speed improvements for group administrators managing a large number of groups
Remote user logoff and disconnect commands: enabling administrators to use the Pano Manager interface to logoff and disconnect users accessing their desktop virtual machines (DVMs) via Pano Devices for one-console management; and,
C3 Call Center -- a set of advanced communications handling and management tools that help businesses manage their voice, email, IM, and web-based call center interactions including call and IM queues, dynamic and presence-based routing, agent login / logoff, historical reporting, and real-time management consoles.
A flexible rules and actions model allows administrators to tailor both policy and personalization under different startup, shutdown, logon and logoff scenarios.
EzPassport offers easy user setup and enrollment, and features Windows login, password replacement, file and folder encryption, application launch, screensaver lock, and auto logoff via a very intuitive graphical user interface.
has deployed Encentuate to improve user productivity and enhance security through multi-factor strong authentication, session management, single sign-on and graceful logoff.