logistic model

lo·gis·tic mod·el

a statistical model; in epidemiology, a model of risk as a function of exposure to a risk factor.
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In means of each value of IP as compared to CEDA, a separate input file is required using this fishery software with two SPMs Fox known as GENFIT a special case and Logistic model also known as Schaefer model.
Figure 2 showed that logistic model was very accurate up to the 35 days of age of quails, at 42 days, the model began to underestimate the weight of quail.
The aim of this study was to estimate interannual changes in the fraction of mature females of brown shrimp as indicators of reproductive success by assessing the performance of a 3-parameter versus a 2-parameter logistic model for maturity at length and the effect of this model on the magnitude of the [L.sub.50].
We initially ran our logistic model with all predictors and then created a final model with a subset of the predictors were significant or close to significant.
A multiple analysis of variance was performed on the post-conference timing of publication investigating the effects of the same variables as the logistic model. Normality and homogeneity of variance assumptions were checked on residuals.
"While gross margins declined as revenue exceeded our forecasts in lower-margin fourth party logistic model (4PL) and freight forwarding businesses, earnings came in-line with our model boosted by the revenue uplift.
JESUS et al., (2008) in their study of the longan fruit growth, did a comparison of the Logistic and Quadratic Exponential models and observed that the Logistic model fitted better.
The logistic model is continuous in time and can be stated by the differential equation:
For example, for the Logistic model, incorporating an inhibitory agent action takes the following form:
The relationship between turning point ([k.sub.t]) and inflection point ([k.sub.IP]) in the five-parameter logistic model is written in [42]
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