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Logarithm, see there.
Drug slang
A regional term for PCP; marijuana cigarette (more commonly known as a joint).
Lab medicine
noun A book in which certain types of patient-related information is recorded, usually by hand.

verb To place information in a logbook.
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Lab medicine noun A book in which certain types of Pt-related information is recorded, usually by hand. See Master log Research Logbook A journal or ledger containing data, and dates when the data was collected; logs are used to record scheduling information, document Pt-physician encounters, to record quality control data in the lab and may be used as a legal document. Cf Notebook.
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A continuously kept record of important events, such as medical records or progress notes.
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Q. Does anyone have an issue with fire log? Every time my neighbors use fire log, I suffer. What can I do? I moved to the West Coast, and realized people burn a lot of fire logs here. I seem to have developed an allergy to it. Every winter, I suffer when neighbors use fire logs. I can not go around the whole neighborhood asking them not to use it. I am wondering if there's any patient advocacy to prohibit the usage of fire logs? I am sure there must be a lot of asthma patients who have the same problem with mine? If we regulate smoking, why can't we regulate fire logs?

A. I found some info like this.


I wish there's a regulation. If the healthcare cost is an issue for the government, they can reduce emergency visits due to asthma, by regulating fire logs.

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By prompting students to think about their projects regularly, logbooks may help students see the bigger picture.
The presentation of a systematic case record or surgical case logbook has been a mandatory requirement to complete and stratify specialisation/registrar training in many countries, including South Africa.
Pilots have lost their paper logbooks or had them stolen.
The logbooks include famous voyages such as Parry's polar expedition in HMS Hecla and Sir John Franklin's navigation of the Northwest Passage.
It is my understanding that one needs to make an airplane logbook entry each time you update a database.
Ali Al Daboos, executive director of Operations, DMCA, said: "The cruise logbook complements DMCA's series of initiatives and regulations that have been launched as part of the Maritime Sector Strategy (MSS) to develop, regulate and promote maritime operations to create a secure and vibrant maritime sector in Dubai."
So with the mentality of only building ALS to match what's in the paper logbook and not verifying the inventory explorer CM with the assembly catalog, it's possible to miss the electronic subcomponent.
Results: Based on content analysis, three advantages and four limitations of logbooks were identified and recommendations were noted.
We decided to make EZ-Log not only the best logbook software but the most affordable as well."
Royal Navy logbooks from the seventeenth century onwards are being used to plot climate change.
It is possible to follow his teaching position through the logbooks to the point when we know each time he was off sick!
John said: "Logbooks are unique documents, detailing the airman's individual flights.