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If a number, x, is expressed as a power of another number, y, that is, if x = yn, then n is said to be the logarithm of x to base y. Common logarithms are to the base 10; natural or Napierian logarithms are to the base e, a mathematical constant.
[G. logos, word, ratio, + arithmos, number]
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Our main goal is to give a completely reduced expression for the combinatorial logarithm. In Section 2, we describe the irreducible components of [F.sup.c] = Lg(F) and, in particular, of Lg(1 + X) and -Lg(1 - X), together with their exact multiplicities.
where [E.sub.t] ([s.sub.t+k]|[[OMEGA].sub.t]) = logarithm of expected spot exchange rate at time t + k, based on information known at time t, [s.sub.t+k] = logarithm of spot exchange rate at time t, [f.sup.(k).sub.t] = logarithm of the k-period forward exchange rate.
TA Total assets (Compustat #6); Log(TA) denotes the natural logarithm of TA.
Popular choices for the group G in discrete logarithm cryptography are the cyclic groups [[].sup.*.sub.p] where p is an odd prime.
The standard divides the key agreement process into the following major components: domain parameter generation, domain parameter validation, key pair generation, public key validation, shared secret value calculation, key derivation, and test message authentication code computation for discrete logarithm problem based key agreement schemes.
The logarithm of parcel size in number of acres (LACRES)
The new methodology uses logarithms, powers of two which compress the figures and change the complexity of the sums.
One puzzling result, although it is consistent with Hamermesh's findings, is the coefficient on logarithm of hours, which implies a wage premium for those working short hours.
Or have we been convinced by these merchants' unyielding insistence that peddling poison in the form of tobacco is no vice if (a) it is freely picked by its users and (b) its dangers have not yet been conclusively, to the last logarithm of human intellect, proven?"
Ln P = Natural logarithm of the Implicit GNP Deflator.
These algorithms, which stretch to hundreds of digits, are created to help protect banking details, but these can be broken if discrete logarithm problems can be solved.