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If a number, x, is expressed as a power of another number, y, that is, if x = yn, then n is said to be the logarithm of x to base y. Common logarithms are to the base 10; natural or Napierian logarithms are to the base e, a mathematical constant.
[G. logos, word, ratio, + arithmos, number]


a mathematical device.

common logarithm
the value of the power when a number is expressed as to the power of 10 (has the base 10). Thus 100 expressed as to the power of 10 is 102 and the log of 100 is 2.
Napierian logarithm
see natural logarithm (below).
natural logarithm
as for common logarithm, except that the base is e or 2.178. Called also Napierian logarithm.
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Change in popularity in European online sport journalism is measured by changes of the logarithms of hits on the website uefa.
7 The molecular expansion of the combinatorial logarithm is explicitly given by,
Loan Spread and Firm Innovation for the Whole Sample (Patent-Application Count & R&D Productivity) The dependent variable is the logarithm of loan spread.
Let G be a cyclic group of order q and let [theta] [member of] G be a generator of G such that computing discrete logarithm in G is infeasible.
i5] = the logarithm of the expenditure on health care per milk animal;
t] (natural logarithm of the value of steel imports at time t) represents imports and [LnSUBS.
where "ln" stands for the natural logarithm, "[alpha]" a constant, and "t" stands for a given year.
The logarithm of parcel size in number of acres (LACRES)
Coleman claims that his team has identified a way of making logarithm addition and subtraction as quick as the old version, yet with the advantage of speed and accuracy in multiplation and division.
Technically, we define a price-level-targeting regime as one in which the logarithm of the price level has a deterministic trend.
where log denotes the natural logarithm (base, e); the subscript, i, denotes the ith farmer in the sample, i = 1, 2, .
8 times the logarithm of the ration of the yields,'' the report said.