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A feature of schizophrenia characterised by poverty of speech and/or speech content, blocking, or latency of response. Typically, a patient gives brief and concrete replies to questions and restriction in the amount of spontaneous speech (poverty of speech); sometimes the speech is adequate in amount but conveys little information because it is overly concrete or abstract, repetitive or stereotyped (poverty of content).


Impaired or absent comprehension or production of, or communication by, speech, writing, or signs; due to an acquired lesion of or injury to a language center of the brain; may be transient if cerebral swelling subsides.
Compare: alalia, aphonia
Synonym(s): alogia (1) , dysphasia, dysphrasia, logagnosia, logamnesia, logasthenia.
[G. speechlessness, fr. a- priv. + phasis, speech]


(log?ag-no'zh-a, sha) [Gr. logos, word, reason + agnosia]
A type of aphasia in which words are seen but not identified with respect to their meaning.
See: aphasia