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Logarithm, see there.
Drug slang
A regional term for PCP; marijuana cigarette (more commonly known as a joint).
Lab medicine
noun A book in which certain types of patient-related information is recorded, usually by hand.

verb To place information in a logbook.


Lab medicine noun A book in which certain types of Pt-related information is recorded, usually by hand. See Master log Research Logbook A journal or ledger containing data, and dates when the data was collected; logs are used to record scheduling information, document Pt-physician encounters, to record quality control data in the lab and may be used as a legal document. Cf Notebook.


A continuously kept record of important events, such as medical records or progress notes.


1. logarithm of.
2. daily record of work.
3. large, friable, compacted mass of concentrate and roughage feed suitable for feeding to animals at pasture. Usually contains a total ration.

Patient discussion about log

Q. Does anyone have an issue with fire log? Every time my neighbors use fire log, I suffer. What can I do? I moved to the West Coast, and realized people burn a lot of fire logs here. I seem to have developed an allergy to it. Every winter, I suffer when neighbors use fire logs. I can not go around the whole neighborhood asking them not to use it. I am wondering if there's any patient advocacy to prohibit the usage of fire logs? I am sure there must be a lot of asthma patients who have the same problem with mine? If we regulate smoking, why can't we regulate fire logs?

A. I found some info like this.


I wish there's a regulation. If the healthcare cost is an issue for the government, they can reduce emergency visits due to asthma, by regulating fire logs.

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After crosscutting, each log was sawn according to the sawing pattern shown in Figure 3.
Under default settings, reusing of unneeded transaction log space does not occur automatically and it requires some database maintenance tasks to be done.
Deep Log Analyzer requires Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003 running on at least 1 GHz Pentium-class processor, 128MB of RAM and 25MB of disk space.
As log data is loaded onto the cluster before querying, each server receives its own allocation plus a copy of the next server's share.
Guerriero has brought political skills as a former elected official, but also a new philosophy, one that allows Log Cabin to speak out against the antigay forces within its own party.
Triton president Chris Godsall, who has a master's degree in business and sustainability, had worked salvaging individual sunken logs when he realized there was more to gain by salvaging whole drowned forests.
For the past several months, A2D has been refining our well log data management service and the LOG-LINE Plus
In developing the proposal over the last three years, Giommi's plan is for logs, lumber and other material to arrive in the Sault from across Canada for temporary storage in warehouses prior to being reloaded onto rail cars or trucks for shipment into the U.
The collection includes a hinged three-panel screen, $149; log holder, $79; tool set, $79; all from the Pottery Barn catalog.
Make arrangements to have the source logs examined.
An area resident and former timber industry worker, Rick Bass, wrote in The New York Times that he'd seen a lot of logging trucks rolling out of the forest" "I'm sure some of those trucks must have been carrying logs from burned or dead trees, but I haven't seen any.
According to the Log Homes Council of the National Association of Home Builders, the typical 1990s log home has more than 2,000 square feet of living space, compared with 1,100 square feet 15 years ago.