lod method

lod meth·od

a method of linkage analysis using an examination of the common logarithm of the ratio of the likelihood for a particular value of the recombination fraction to that if the recombination fraction is 0.5 (that is, no linkage); thus, a lod score of 3 at a recombination fraction of 0.2 means that the data are 1000 times more readily explained by supposing a recombination fraction of 0.2 than by supposing the loci are unlinked and the recombination fraction is 0.5.
[logarithm of the odds]
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A novel simulation method has been designed, which applies the LOD method to the geometrical structure and mathematical model of a tree with the help of a growth model.
So far, there is virtually no research on the LOD method of trees other than billboard.
The LOD method is used to enhance performance in systems that require real-time processing, such as games.
[29] designed an LOD method based on the procedural branch growth algorithm for effectively constructing an immersive virtual landscape.
In the LoD method, the original grid is simplified to varying degrees according to the distance from the drawing object to the viewpoint to reduce the total drawing figure.
The dynamic LOD method calculates and displays LOD whenever a camera is moved, and this approach is not useful for processing large-capacity 3D spatial information.
If the data are skewed, as most pesticide data are likely to be, the error estimates for the mean and any estimate of the variance are not likely to be influenced strongly by the selection of LOD method; the uncertainty in the parameter estimates is likely to be larger than the effect of the LOD choice.