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Arrow indicates region of dense hair-like fibers occluding the endocarp pore connecting to the locule. t S.
Table 2--Listing of the thirty best classified progenies and eleven control cultivars of Coffea arabica for green coffee yield (bags [ha.sup.-1]), percentage of empty locule fruits (%), maturation cycle and color of the fruits, in reference to the 2007/2008, 2008/2009, 2009/2010 and 2011/2012 crop seasons.
The existence of orbicules is known since 1865 when Rosanoff published his observations on anthers of Fabaceae species where he noticed small granules on the inner locule wall that were resistant to concentrated sulphuric acid (Rosanoff, 1865).
Microscopically, the cysts or locules are lined by intestinal or ciliated columnar cells, (1-3) resembling embryonic gut, although squamous and transitional cell lining has also been reported.
possible enclosure in a persistent floral tube, a superior ovary with axile placentation, eight locules, loculicidal dehiscence, and possibly two rows of seeds (described as two seeds in each locule, but serial diagrams suggest the condition may be two or more rows of seeds per locule), and an undifferentiated seed coat.
Young developing grains from Calrose 76 revealed a central locule, while the mutant 2K497 contained two chambers (Fig.
The fossil and living taxa share the following characters: persistent floral tube, valvate sepals (unknown in Minsterocarpum), superior ovary, axile placentation, capsular fruit, loculicidal dehiscence (unknown in fossil Decodon), septum attached to outer wall of the valve at dehiscence, multiple anatropous seeds per locule, and a t obtrigonal shaped seed body with a sclerotic inner lining of the seed coat.
The sampling unit for trichomes on pods (locule area) of pigeonpea, C.
In Argophyllaceae, Corokia has a bi- or unilocular gynoecium with one ovule per locule and the unilocular flowers are monosymmetric (Philipson, 1967).
Characterization data collected by AVRDC for fruit diameter and locule number (not shown) resulted in classification of 10 accessions as cerasiforme: L00158, L00167, L00171, L00172, L00173, L00174, L00191, L00493, L01156, and L04360.