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It decreases the morbidity and length of hospitalization in loculated empyema.
In our study, we subjected both simple and loculated empyemas, for medical thoracoscopy.
Today was the day for pleural effusions: a tuberculous a cardiac a renal a septic and a loculated empyema.
In addition to being safer, ultrasound produces better imaging than CT in patients with a pleural-space infection "to sort out who has a loculated empyema that needs VATS [video-assisted thoracic surgery] and who has a nonloculated effusion that generally doesn't need VATS," said Dr.
Community-acquired Pseudomonas aeruginosa pneumonia complicated with loculated empyema in an infant with selective IgA deficiency.
Among 17 (14%) patients who required surgical intervention, 15 had suppurated lymph nodes requiring incision and drainage, and two developed a loculated empyema requiring thoracotomy and decortication.
Only 10 patients with MSSA had pulmonary complications: 2 had a primary diagnosis of pneumonia and also had loculated empyema, 6 had bone or joint infections, and 2 had endocarditis.
Out of all cases, 67 % cases presented with free empyema and 33% cases with loculated empyema (Free empyema highly significant with p<0.
In our study loculated pleural effusion were seen in 8 patients, among which 6 cases were loculated tubercular effusion which were treated with steroids and 2 cases were loculated empyema of which 1had minimal loculations removed by medical thoracoscopy while other had moderate loculations referred to higher centre for video assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS).
Of these three cases, one was tuberculous empyema, one was loculated empyema and one case expired even before ICTD was attempted.
For very sick children with large, loculated empyemas, the current choice of treatment is either intrapleural fibrinolytic therapy via chest tube or video-assisted thoracoscopy (VATS) with pleural debridement.
The surgical approach was orientated by imaging study findings using limited incision or postero-lateral thoracotomies; the latter were used for large or loculated empyemas.