locking point

lock·ing point

(lok'ing poynt)
The body's center of gravity; by holding onto it, a health care worker can help patients maintain their balance.
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Caption: For added strength for those magnums, it features a ball-detent locking point.
That seals the locking point for SIG's precise-fitting optional aiming laser.
I have been hassled by TSA demanding I lock every locking point on the case.
That same "locking point in the hollow of the palm" effect is shared with "baby Glocks" (one reason the G26 has been known to beat full-size G17's for overall championships in Glock matches).
In fact, you can actually safely eliminate one of these locking points and substitute a locking point that adds absolutely no friction to the cycling of the gun.
The ejector rod serves only to activate the ejector, not as the front locking point for the cylinder.
The third locking point was between the yoke and the massive extractor shroud.
Try finding a more solid locking point slightly inside your knees and just behind your elbows.
Two things distinguished the Triple Lock: the additional locking point in the yoke and a shroud that completely enclosed the ejector rod.
As Addex explains, this transforms the previous low-velocity lower lip into a high-velocity air stream, creating two primary locking points instead of just one, to significantly improve bubble stability.