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But at some point between 4.30pm and 9pm last Saturday, Tanya lost the locket in Stoke-on-Trent.
A stockist got in touch to say she had bought the Memory Keeper Locket and the Birkin Handbag Locket.
Daren Johnson told the Echo that his wife Joanne - who works in the Co-op store on Meadow Lane - found the locket on the floor in the store whilst she was working.
A touch of a locket makes a touching sentiment to share and remember her father on her wedding day,' Manuel wrote on his Instagram page.
As well as pre-designed locket sets, Encanto Jewellery also sells its amazing range of charms individually.
Among the stolen items was a locket that Mrs Woolley planned to give her granddaughter, and another locket that her mother gave to her.
By GARETH WYN WILLIAMS Daily Post Reporter A GOLD locket containing what could be a piece of Bonnie Prince Charlie's hair was found at an Anglesey estate.
Khizer Hayat, a resident of Banni, lodged a complaint with the local police that he was going to Dhok Kashmirian with his wife and mother when two motorcyclists waylaid them at gunpoint and made off with a bag containing Rs4,000 in cash, a bracelet, a locket, six bangles and other valuables.
Building on the brand's previous collection of lockets which were inspired by the late Umm Kalthoum, Ghaly made sure to include the locket ring in this limited-edition assortment.
However, they must deal with an apparently unexplainable broken locket found near the scene of the crime, a host of suspects, and a complex web of deception.
Precious keepsakes, including an 18-inch chain with a rose gold locket containing the ashes of Susan's father, who died in 2009, were taken from the property on Lime Road.
Critique: A thoroughly absorbing read from beginning to end, "The Silver Locket" is unfailingly entertaining and a deftly constructed novel that showcases the rather impressive storytelling talents of its author, Sophia Bar-Lev.