dislocation of articular processes

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dis·lo·ca·tion of ar·tic·u·lar pro·cess·es

complete dislocation of one or both articular processes, usually with overriding of the inferior articular process of the vertebra above into a position anterior to the superior articular process of the vertebra below.
Synonym(s): locked facets
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For locked facets which could not be reduced preoperatively we try to manipulate the facets and achieve the reduction under vision.
All the patients presented following trauma had locked facet dislocations of which 16(66.6%) were bilateral and 6 (25%) were unilateral.
It is the surest way of stabilizing an unstable fracture or fracture dislocation, or occasionally of releasing locked facets. In fracture dislocation, it draws the fragments of the spine apart, restores the diameter of cervical canal, and reduces the danger of pressure on cord1.
Magnetic resonance imaging documentation of coexistent traumatic locked facets of the cervical spine and disc herniation.
Being able to rotate a patient 180 degrees, and manipulate from both sides of the spine, means that the Tawam operating team can restore alignment and dislocate locked facets without endangering the delicate neural structure.