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A status mandated by the security department of a facility during an emergency. During lockdown, all exits are manned and foot traffic is closely monitored
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in Jordan, and has not chosen to invest sufficient resources so that the problem of lockdowns caused by staff shortages can be alleviated.
Carl Stubbs summed up what other district officials said about their approach to lockdowns and lockouts:
When I asked questions such as who knew when and why traditional lockdown originated, who taught it and where, if certification was required and whether infrastructure allows the use of the tactic, I was met with blank stares.
Some of them are in convoys and there's this policy of lockdown of the roads and there should be no movement there because of the security protocols," said Chief Supt.
Media and staff members were allowed back in some time later but a partial lockdown of the northwest side of the building remained in place for a few hours.
It's not the first time a quarantine or lockdown has been enforced.
This type of lockdown protects the occupants of the facility from an external hazard such as a civil disturbance or outside contamination.
School officials and security experts say the lockdowns are a modest and sensible effort to guard against the unthinkable, and that they have helped keep students safe and calm.
In April the lockdown was brought forward from 9pm to 3.
Locally, those sites helped get the word out, but text messaging seemed to be the primary method of communication--a fact confirmed to me by a few students after the lockdown was lifted.
The lockdown means all inmates are locked in their cells and all volunteer activities and most extra activities are suspended.
We have had various problems in West Bromwich, Tipton and Wednesbury but these lockdowns are a very effective measure to redress the balance.