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Gavin said he was baffled as to how the thieves got in to the secure lock ups without leaving any sign of damage.
IN A MAJOR step aimed at ending human rights violations in jails and in custody, the Supreme Court on Friday directed the Centre and all states to install CCTV cameras in all prisons within a year A bench headed by justice TS Thakur also asked the states to consider installing the cameras in all police stations and lock ups.
He said that there are 28 jails in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province including four central jails, 10 district and four judicial lock ups, while the jail staff consists of 2525 officials including IG himself and gardeners and other staffers.
ISLAMABAD -- Although sham Indian parliamentary elections are over in the Indian Occupied Valley, several Hurriyet leaders, activists and youth continue to be in police lock ups without any rhyme.
It was claimed that the low coefficient of friction would result in more consistent bolt carrier velocity and more consistent lock ups.
FACTUAL Philip Glenister and Ant Anstead are scouring barns and lock ups in Britain for motors to bring back to life.
But while this rhetoric opens up some avenue for shareholders to challenge lock ups, a review of the cases shows in reality that the Delaware Chancery Court has repeatedly signed off on merger agreement lock-ups without significant scrutiny.
46 per share cap gain in 2012) and as lock ups expire in other parts of the non-core investment portfolio.
Sales are divided by printing press plate lock ups (60% of revenue), punch benders (25%) and legacy equipment repair (15%).
Yardies drive flash cars, wear expensive designer clothes and pack guns such as the Uzi and the Browning 9mm which they hide in deposit boxes or lock ups.
Like any computerized workstation, Neptune's kiosks occasionally experience system lock ups where a simple reboot is the simplest and most effective solution to this failure.
Total quantity or scope of tender: Description of lock ups to be demolished