[lo″ke-o-ra´jah] (lochiorrhea [lo″ke-o-re´ah)]) an abnormally profuse discharge of lochia.
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Profuse flow of the lochia.
Synonym(s): lochiorrhagia
[lochia + G. rhoia, a flow]
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Profuse flow of the lochia.
Synonym(s): lochiorrhoea.
[lochia + G. rhoia, a flow]
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The clinical investigation of postpartum period is also complicated because uterus cannot be examined at postpartum period by rectal or abdominal palpation, and lochiorrhea ceases shortly because of immediate or almost entire closure of the cervix [13, 18].
nucifera is usually used for the treatment of abnormal uterine bleeding and lochiorrhea due to blood stagnation after child birth.