lochia rubra

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a vaginal discharge occurring after childbirth. Lochia discharge should be checked every 15 minutes for the first hour after delivery, once every hour for the first 8 hours, and then every 8 hours. adj., adj lo´chial.
lochia al´ba the final vaginal discharge after childbirth, largely mucus, when the amount of blood is decreased and the leukocytes are increased; it is usually of 10 to 14 days' duration but may last for 6 weeks.
lochia cruen´ta lochia rubra.
lochia purulen´ta lochia alba.
lochia ru´bra that occurring immediately after childbirth, consisting of blood, fragments of decidua, and mucus. It usually lasts from 1 to 3 days.
lochia sanguinolen´ta (lochia sero´sa) the vaginal discharge occurring 3 to 10 days after delivery. It is pink or brown-tinged and contains blood, mucus, and leukocytes.
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lo·chi·a ru·'bra

the initial discharge stained with blood.
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lochia rubra

The first stage of the postpartum healing process, when the vaginal discharge consists primarily of blood. This stage lasts for the first 2 to 4 days postpartum.
Synonym: lochia cruenta
See also: lochia
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