location, practice

location, practice,

n place where equipment is set up to practice dentistry.
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He said there may be more than 500 students who have- signed up, and Bar members are allowed to choose what kind of mentee they'd like to pair up with on their mentorship application--be it by geographic location, practice area, or law school.
It allows you to quickly calculate an attorney's hourly rate based on geographical location, practice area, size of firm and years of experience.
These PEs represented a diverse distribution of age, gender, ethnicity, geographic location, practice size, years of education, years of practice, and employment.
Indexes for cross-referencing include top legal officer by last name and by law school; companies by rank, location and industry; in-house chief counsel by last name and practice area; law firms by location, practice area and the companies who selected them.
The directory travels with you on your laptop and lets you search for colleagues by location, practice section, member category, and even first name.
Data is presented nationally and by firm size, geographic location, practice area specialty, population area size, gender, year admitted to the bar, and years of experience.
Pettis said care was taken in selecting the fellows to ensure inclusion based not only on ethnic and gender diversity, but also diversity of firm size, geographical location, practice areas, and other factors.
The directory lets you search by location, practice section, member category, and even first name.
Martindale-Hubbell Lawyer Search - Search over one million lawyers and law firms in 160 countries by name, geographic location, practice area, firm size, and language.
organized by gender, ethnicity, marital status, location, practice area, sexual orientation) score law firm quality-of-life issues (e.
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