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As used in UK healthcare, any site where events pertinent to the NHS occur.

Hospitals, health centres, GP surgeries, clinics, NHS board offices, nursing homes and schools. Each location has a 5-character “institution code”.
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Public health Any unanticipated event that requires urgent response, bringing people and/or property out of harm's way in order to minimize loss of life or destruction of property; disasters are described by certain parameters Vox populi A cataclysmic event in which there is a loss of multiple lives and/or major property damage. See Climatologic disaster, Geological disaster, Man-made disaster, Natural disaster, Tsunami.
Disaster classifications
Nature, ie either
1. Natural, geophysical–eg earthquakes, volcanoes or weather-related–eg floods, hurricanes.
2. Man-made–transportation-related, structural collapse, war, hazardous materials, explosions, fires
Location Single site–eg explosion or multiple sites–eg hurricanes
Predictability Regular–eg hurricane season or sporadic–eg toxic spill
Onset Gradual–eg armed conflict or abrupt–eg accident
Duration Brief–eg natural disaster or extended–eg armed conflict
Frequency Often–eg flood, or rare–eg fire
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Patient discussion about location

Q. I located a lump on the surface of my right underarm. I think I am showing some signs of breast cancer. I am 27 years old working lady. I think I am showing some signs of breast cancer. I located a lump on the surface of my right underarm. This lump is of a cherry size and does not pain at all. But I do have pain in my breast. I had my mammogram done which showed no lump and my doctor says that there is nothing to worry and she has given me some medicines. I want to know that if everything is normal then how come these lumps came.

A. there are ways to diagnose if lumps are breast cancer or not. a lump under the forearm can be a sign of an advanced stage of cancer, but it can also mean some kind of viral infection that caused a lymph node to swell up. so if a doctor told you it's fine- he probably checked it out, and it's fine. if you still anxious - go get a second opinion.

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