localized juvenile periodontitis

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ju·ve·nile per·i·o·don·ti·tis

(jū'vĕ-nil per'ē-ō-don-tī'tis) [MIM*170650]
Degenerative periodontal disease of adolescents in which periodontal destruction is out of proportion to local irritating factors present on adjacent teeth; inflammatory changes become superimposed, and bone loss, migration, and extrusion are observed. Two forms are recognized: localized, in which the destruction is limited to the incisors and first molars; and generalized, involving all teeth.
Synonym(s): localized juvenile periodontitis, periodontosis.
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1- Selection of site: The sampled sites were either molars and incisors, because these areas are most frequently affected in localized juvenile periodontitis (Figure 1).
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Called localized juvenile periodontitis (LJP), the disease develops rapidly in the tissues around specific teeth -- the incisors and first molars.

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