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Restricted or limited to a definite part.


1. Restricted to a particular place.
2. Medicine Restricted or limited to a specific body part or region: localized pain and numbness.


adjective Restricted to a site of origin or primary infection without evidence of spread or extension


Restricted or limited to a definite part.


Confined to a small area.
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limited in area or volume.

localized infection
see local infection.

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Q. where would i 'll be able to find a meeting of A.A? what is their web site? local department???

A. HELLO CRYSTA, here are some web sits--(IN THE ROOMS.COM)---AA ONLINE CHAT.COM----good luck--mrfoot56

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For bilateral localized amyloidosis, correct preoperative diagnosis was necessary to preserve the kidney.
These helped to break down the isolation of localized communities, as the memories of Anna Tzelniker illustrate: "All the people knew one another, and cared for each other's wellbeing, and all of the people living in Bromehead Street were Jewish.
These strains were positive for attaching and effacing and localized adherence phenotypes and are therefore EPEC, although, unlike the strains we describe, they were negative for the adherence factor probe.
The level of isolation is further dictated by our ability to monitor and contain the infection; patients with localized MRSA infections can interact with others in the facility as long as the wound exudate is contained (ie, not saturating the dressing); those with MRSA in the urinary tract are free to interact with other residents as long as they are continent or have on an incontinence-containing device.
The progressive development of the dendrite network and localized solidification result in increased resistance to fluid flow until the pressure at the solidification front is reduced to zero, a conditional requirement for shrinkage void formation.
Optical Wave-Modes: Localized And Propagation-Invariant Wave-Packets In Optically Transparent, Dispersive Media
Most patients with localized laryngotracheobronchial amyloidosis are Caucasian.
However, such localized effects also mean that acoustic cavitation and its effects would be difficult to detect.
FunBrandz is committed to bringing the best in DVD games and DVD board games to consumers across the globe and our new line of fully localized DVD games further illustrates that.
Acxiom Corporation (Nasdaq:ACXM), a global leader in customer information management and technology, and I-Behavior, the premier provider of data-based targeting services to companies engaged in direct channel marketing, today announced a partnership offering detailed and localized insight into consumer purchasing behavior.
Better Localized UI -- More UI components in meebo.
All of Scalix's award-winning messaging products, including Enterprise Edition, Small Business Edition and Community Edition, will be localized, sold and supported in Japan starting in the first quarter of 2007.

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