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Restricted or limited to a definite part.


1. Restricted to a particular place.
2. Medicine Restricted or limited to a specific body part or region: localized pain and numbness.


adjective Restricted to a site of origin or primary infection without evidence of spread or extension


Restricted or limited to a definite part.


Confined to a small area.
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Q. where would i 'll be able to find a meeting of A.A? what is their web site? local department???

A. HELLO CRYSTA, here are some web sits--(IN THE ROOMS.COM)---AA ONLINE CHAT.COM----good luck--mrfoot56

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Localized amyloidosis of the urinary tract is rare and is difficult to differentiate from malignancy based on clinical and radiographic features alone.
'So far, we haven't receive for now the take of the commanders on what the local government units are pushing for in the localized peace talks,' he further said.
'A working group is now crafting the guidelines for LGUs in the conduct of localized peace talks.
LS: Localized scleroderma MTX: Methotrexate MRI: Magnetic resonance imaging mLoSSI: Modified LS skin severity index LoSDI: Localized scleroderma damage index.
(1) If multiple RNFL defects were detected in superior or inferior hemifield, localized or diffuse RNFL defects were determined by the sum of the angular width within each hemifield.
For revival of sick or non-operational units, the non-localized parts can be imported at 10% and localized parts at 25% duty for three years for the revival of a sick unit.
Allergic reactions to Hymenoptera stings include common localized, large localized, and systemic reactions.
NIDC, over the course of the past decade, has localized manufacturing of over 20,000 drilling parts and items.
In the study, researchers reviewed data on 78,552 men over age 65 with localized prostate cancer and examined the relationship between ADT use and depression.
Category B shall be entitled to import of non localized parts at 10% of custom duty and localized parts at 25% duty for an period of three years for cars and LCVs.
* leverage localized content as well as strategic search engine optimization (SEO) to increase website traffic and-ultimately--sales.

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