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Restricted or limited to a definite part.


1. Restricted to a particular place.
2. Medicine Restricted or limited to a specific body part or region: localized pain and numbness.


adjective Restricted to a site of origin or primary infection without evidence of spread or extension


Restricted or limited to a definite part.


Confined to a small area.
Mentioned in: Neuroblastoma


limited in area or volume.

localized infection
see local infection.

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A. HELLO CRYSTA, here are some web sits--(IN THE ROOMS.COM)---AA ONLINE CHAT.COM----good luck--mrfoot56

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sup][11] Six cases only showed large localized reactions when they were stung before, but they developed systemic reactions when they were re-stung after 1 month to 1 year.
The pathogenesis of localized amyloidosis is unknown, but may be caused by chronic and recurrent inflammation with migration of lymphoplasmic cells and subsequent aberrant monoclonal proliferation and local secretion of light chains.
A series of socio-economic and political changes in the early twentieth century had created the context in which more meaningful interpersonal contacts could develop, and these were the basis of a new localized identity.
Shrinkage in 443 and 356 alloys, characterized by narrower solidification ranges, was found to be more localized at both solidification rates.
It is uncommon for localized amyloid depositions to occur in both the upper and lower respiratory tracts.

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