local treatment

local treatment,

n application of medicine to a specific location or a specific symptom.
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We can divide cancer treatment into two: local treatment and systemic treatment.
The company cares about maintaining partnership, good relations with the territory on which it is located, New local treatment facilities are a modern high-tech complex that provides mechanical and physico-chemical treatment of industrial effluents with a total volume of up to 3.
This edition has been revised and expanded to include new chapters on comorbidity, local treatment modalities, novel immunosuppressive therapy, protocols, and questions frequently asked by patients.
In February 2017, the star football player Lionel Messi visited Egypt to promote the local treatment for Hepatitis C and tourism.
One of few local treatment centers able to accept patients from all major insurance.
Episil is an oral liquid medicine used for the local treatment of pain linked to oral mucositis (OM).
The city government will also be establishing one in Tahanan, its only local treatment and rehabilitation center, which can accommodate 300 patients.
As part of the company's service they will locate, dig, and pump both compartments within the homeowner's septic system, and then haul waste away to an approved local treatment facility.
John Liddell, health improvement manager at Public Health England, North East, said: "Drug treatment is widely available in South Tyneside and across the North East and we would encourage anyone misusing drugs, or anyone who has concerns about the use of a friend or family member, to contact their local treatment service for advice and support.
The company said heavy rain on Thursday and possible agricultural activity caused "a pollution event" in raw water feeding the local treatment plant.
Ambitious plans which would also see more local treatment and care for patients throughout South East Wales will go before government ministers next year.
These results add to the evidence questioning aggressive local treatment strategies in men with low-risk prostate cancer but supporting such treatment in men with greater disease severity," the study authors concluded.

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