local sign

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lo·cal sign

the characteristic of a sensation that permits distinguishing it from another sensation by locating its position in space.

direction, oculocentric

Direction associated with a particular retinal point. It is always perceived in the same direction if the light is received by the same retinal receptor. The capacity of a receptor to distinguish its excitation from that of its neighbours is referred to as local sign (or Lotze's local sign). This characteristic means that each retinal receptor has a unique oculocentric direction. See line of direction; oculocentre.
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In what could be the first local sign of the natural gas industry's economic impact, Plains Township-based Medico Industries Inc.
However, his gesture revealed that the local sign ordinance makes public art virtually impossible in this city that prides itself on being an arts community.
Some residents disagree with the city's stance, saying the banners appear to be misleading, a misuse of city funds, an illegal political endorsement or a violation of local sign codes.
Sign ordinances: Are there local sign ordinances that would prohibit the proper use of the franchisor's logo or not allow for proper identification of the business?
With this in mind, students may benefit by visiting a local sign company and seeing what goes on in this commercial application of art.
Your local sign company can help you pick out the right kind of sign for your office location that will fit your budget.
He even gave Adam some bedtime reading, getting chapters from the Peter Pan book copied and enlarged on to self- adhesive vinyl in a local sign shop, and sticking these round the wall.
When you are deciding on which sign company to hire, consider local sign businesses because they are able to come to your location and sit down with you face to face to discuss your needs instead of over the telephone,” Peterschick said in his office in Humble, Texas.
With the help of a local sign company that specialized in custom fabrication, the bank placed 18-foot stainless steel forks in front of its most visible banking centers in Lexington and Louisville.
The wide selection of sizes helps our customers choose the largest possible display while taking into consideration local sign codes and size restrictions," says Chip Stadjuhar, CEO of Skyline Products.
After receiving an update from city planners on all the changes that have been made to the ordinance since the Planning Board began reviewing the original proposal in June, members were urged by representatives of the local sign industry to keep the public hearing open so they can have an opportunity to respond to any additional information brought forward at the next meeting.

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