local sign

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lo·cal sign

the characteristic of a sensation that permits distinguishing it from another sensation by locating its position in space.

direction, oculocentric

Direction associated with a particular retinal point. It is always perceived in the same direction if the light is received by the same retinal receptor. The capacity of a receptor to distinguish its excitation from that of its neighbours is referred to as local sign (or Lotze's local sign). This characteristic means that each retinal receptor has a unique oculocentric direction. See line of direction; oculocentre.
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The city ordered him to remove the mural, which includes the Web addresses of two groups that fight eminent domain abuse, saying his act of protest violated the local sign code.
But, we also benefit from shared leadership from the local sign company, our mayor, and friends in the department of public works
In what could be the first local sign of the natural gas industry's economic impact, Plains Township-based Medico Industries Inc.
However, his gesture revealed that the local sign ordinance makes public art virtually impossible in this city that prides itself on being an arts community.
Some residents disagree with the city's stance, saying the banners appear to be misleading, a misuse of city funds, an illegal political endorsement or a violation of local sign codes.
Sign ordinances: Are there local sign ordinances that would prohibit the proper use of the franchisor's logo or not allow for proper identification of the business?
With this in mind, students may benefit by visiting a local sign company and seeing what goes on in this commercial application of art.
A second approach is to specify a specific typeface to a local sign shop that will produce adhesive-backed, colored vinyl letters for you.
Lakich headed to the best neon resource she knew -- a local sign company -- and asked if they'd help her tame this intractable medium, which uses elements of glass-blowing to bend the tubes and electrical know-how to keep the lights burning.
Your local sign company can help you pick out the right kind of sign for your office location that will fit your budget.
BEND Whatever the outcome of the Bend City Council's vote on a local sign ordinance, the controversy has brought to light the difficulty of dealing with dramatic growth and finding common ground between seemingly opposing camps.

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