local muscles

local muscles,

n.pl muscles located deep within the body that have portions with attachments to the spine. In addition to multifidi, interspinales, intertrasversarii, and transversus abdominus, the central portion of the erector spinae, the medial fibers of quadratus lumborum, and the posterior segment of the internal oblique fit within this classification.
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We work on small, local muscles around the joints to strengthen them.
Testing your balance on the unstable Bosu ball will force you to work the local muscles without you even having to think about them.
But to correctly position your femur into the hip joint, the small, local muscles need to work.
Logical explanations for improvement of lumbo-pelvic control are relevant to specific concepts of Pialtes-exercise in terms of the role and neural control mechanism of local muscles, motor learning and physiological response to specific volume of Pilates program.
In patients with low back pain, there are alterations in the normal postural adjustments made by the local muscles, including transversus abdominis, the deep fibers of multifidus, (24) and possibly psoas.
Segmental stability between the vertebrae is primarily provided by local muscles which have influence over inter-segmental control due to their attachments on the lumbar spine.
Lumbo-pelvic local muscles muscles (with within neutral special lordosis in attention to functional TrA/IO/LM) in posture.
The kids from Cowtown skateshop flexed their local muscles and Jake and Mic-E drove in to pump up the fun (which mostly involved making a 10-year-old repeatedly eat shit trying to 180 the stairs).
Exercises on unstable surfaces provide stability to the spine due to the co-activation of global and local muscles at the beginning of motor control (Carter et al.
In other words, the VL should have a higher priority for selection when local muscles can be measured by NIRS to assess (predict) indices of systemic aerobic exercise capacity during cycling IET.
In particular, this exercise is reported to minimize the use of global muscles without pain while activating local muscles (Saliba et al.

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