local anesthetics

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lo·cal an·es·thet·ics

drugs used for the interruption of the nerve transmission of pain sensations. They act at the site of application to prevent perception of pain; examples include procaine and lidocaine.

lo·cal an·es·thet·ics

(lōkăl anĕs-thetiks)
Drugs used for the interruption of the nerve transmission of pain sensations; act at site of application to prevent perception of pain.
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Specifically, studies have shown a local anesthetic sparing effect, shorter duration of labor, and improvements in maternal satisfaction with PIEB compared to CEI (9).
A minimum amount of local anesthetic solution should be used to avoid the harmful side effect.
Objectives: Local anesthetic infiltration is also a process of a painful process itself.
Systematic review and meta-analysis of the effect of warming local anesthetics on injection pain.
Mulroy and other investigators have now reported the significant impact of the route of administration of local anesthetics on an increasing prevalence rates of local anesthetic systemic toxicity reactions.
To minimize risk of potentially life-threatening complications associated with xylocaine toxicity, the safety step of test doses should be made mandatory in local anesthetic practice.
sup][4],[6],[7],[9],[10] These obstacles may lead to unsuccessful attempts to reach the joint, which made it necessary to use local anesthetics for US-guided hip arthrography.
Current concepts in the management of systemic local anesthetic toxicity.
In a randomised, double-blind trial, patients had significantly less postoperative pain and recovered about two days sooner when they received neosaxitoxin, a new local anesthetic derived from algae.
The statement also pointed out that local anesthetics are approved as injections "for the production of local or regional anesthesia or analgesia" and are not approved for continuous intra-articular postoperative infusions.

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