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In such a case, an emergency tracheostomy under local anesthesia is necessary.
The surgery entailed a stereotactic neurosurgical procedure performed under local anesthesia with the patient awake.
Therefore, we first performed a tracheostomy under local anesthesia.
However, there is one other benefit to local anesthesia that many patients never consider, and that's their ability to get up and move around afterwards.
Local anesthesia has also been in the news in New Mexico, where the board has approved rules to allow dental hygienists to administer local anesthesia under general supervision.
Their topics include clinical factors related to local anesthesia, mandibular and maxillary anesthesia, and clinical tips for managing routine restorative procedures and specific endodontic situations.
The surgeon told him that the operation wouldn't take more than an hour under local anesthesia, but since the morning of June 16 my brother has remained unconscious," Wafa Al-Harithy, the man's sister, said.
The rhinolith, which had formed around an impacted foreign body, was extracted in several pieces under local anesthesia.
In the medical procedure, performed under local anesthesia, a doctor inserted a balloon-tipped catheter into an artery near the patient's groin or in an arm and threaded it up to the neck.
Outpatient thyroidectomies performed with local anesthesia on eligible patients can achieve clinical results and patient satisfaction comparable with those done under general anesthesia, according to results of a prospective, randomized clinical trial.
In two analyses, patients who had general anesthesia had a markedly reduced incidence of Alzheimer's disease during follow-up, compared with those who had local anesthesia.
But those who received local anesthesia with conscious sedation had substantially decreased recovery times and lower pain scores, compared with those who received general anesthesia.

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