local analgesia

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lo·cal an·al·ge·si·a

(lōkăl anal-jēzē-ă)
Localized palliation of pain.
See also: analgesia
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As it appears in our experience to be a simple and well-tolerated procedure with local analgesia, it has potential for use by medical pulmonologists or ICU physicians if patients are not suitable candidates for general anaesthesia or for transport to the operating theatre or endoscopic room due to their critical condition, and further, rigorous evaluation of this technique should be undertaken given this potential.
Articaine 4% 1:100,000 is reported to be a well-tolerated, safe and effective local analgesia for use in children [Dudkiewicz et al.,1987; Wright et al., 1989; Malamed et al., 2000a; Malamed et al., 2001; Ram and Amir, 2006; Adewumi et al., 2008; Katyal at el., 2010].
Intensive prevention was instigated, and teeth number 16 and 17 were restored with composite resin under local analgesia (LA) without incident.
Impact of local analgesia timing on postoperative pain in laparoscopic surgery a systematic review and metaanalysis.
General anaesthesia and local analgesia were achieved using Xylazine hydrochloride @ 0.01 mg/kg b.
(4.) Mays K.S, Lipman .JJ, Schnapp M (1987): Local analgesia without anesthesia using perineural morphine 1 injections- Anesthesia 85 analgesia 66:417-420.
Lasers have a number of advantages over conventional surgery for soft tissues [Boj et al., 2011] as they reduce the amount of local analgesia required [Martens, 2003] and the need for sutures is eliminated.
Although the basic technique of this procedure is the same there are individual differences and preferences for local analgesia e.g.
Whereas calves with atresia ani, et recti, et coli, upper right flank laparotomy was performed under local analgesia and identified the blind end of colon.
Kopacz DJ, Katherine Holte et al., found that addition of small amounts of dexamethasone to bupivacaine incorporated in micro capsules prolonged local analgesia compared with microcapsules with plain bupivacaine after subcutaneous administration in humans.
Also the use of rubber-dam and local analgesia was analysed in the cluster restorative care.
Local anesthetic infiltration facilitated surgical repair of lacerated and traumatized tissues of udder, ring block of teat was performed in the present case gave satisfactory local analgesia to teat for its surgical repair (Sreenu et al., 2014).