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Jorge, Brazilian physician, 1900-1979. See: Lobo disease.
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En esta zona de transicion se encuentran dos islas que albergan una rica y diversa fauna: 1) Isla Gorriti (34[grados]57'S; 54[grados]58'O) se ubica en la bahia de Maldonado, a 2km al noroeste de Punta del Este y con una superficie de 21ha, y 2) Isla de Lobos (35[grados]0'S; 54[grados]53'O), a 12km de dicho balneario y con 41ha (Figura la).
Other displays highlight Point Lobos' dairying days-and its frequent use as a movie set, beginning with Erich von Stroheim's 1921 production Foolish Wives.
The Lobos missed their final eight shots after tying the game and managed just four foul shots down the stretch.
Now in its third decade, Los Lobos continues to refine its melting pot of influences without losing the core flavor that first made the group a hit at Mexican restaurants and Los Angeles punk bars alike.
Of the 96 football games the Lobos have played against current members of the league, they have won just 24, and lost the last eight in a row.