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1. The dried leaves and tops of Lobelia inflata (family Lobeliaceae); lobelia contains several alkaloids: lobeline, lobelamine, lobelanidine, lobelanine, norlobelanine, norlobelanidine, and isolobelanine. The fluid extract and the tincture have been used as an expectorant in asthma and chronic bronchitis.
2. One of a class of alkaloids isolated from lobelia (1).
3. Any plant of the genus Lobelia.
Synonym(s): asthma-weed (1) , wild tobacco


Herbal medicine
An annual or biennial plant that contains alkaloids (isolobinine, lobelanidine, lobeline, lobinaline), chelidonic acid, fats and resin. Lobelia is emetic and expectorant, and was once used for asthma, respiratory complaints and for tobacco withdrawal syndrome (due to the content of lobeline); it has been applied topically for bites, poison ivy and fungal infections.

Toxic effects
Nausea, vomiting, coma, and possibly death by paralysis; it is deemed it poisonous by the FDA.

lobelia (lō·bēlˑ·y),

n Latin name:
Lobelia inflata; part used: leaves; uses: expectorant, asthma, bronchitis, cough, possible cardiac effects, potential smoking deterrent; precautions: geriatric patients, liver conditions, kidney conditions, cardiovascular conditions, pneumonia, sensitivity to nicotine; patients using nicotine or mayapple, toxic. Also called
asthma weed, bladderpod, cardinal flower, emetic herb, eyebright, gagroot, great lobelia, Indian pink, Indian tobacco, pukeweed, rapuntium inflatum, vomitroot, or


genus of toxic plants in the Campanulaceae family; toxins are pyridine alkaloids, e.g. lobeline; cause diarrhea, oral ulcers; include L. berlandieri, L. inflata (Indian tobacco), L. pratioides, L. purpurascens, L. urens.
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The land forms a green cutthrough from Lobelia Avenue to the park, tucked behind houses, and the council says the land is not part of the park.
All lobelia flowers have two lips - usually an upper lip with two lobes, with the bottom lip divided into three lobes.
I was about to move on, but the lobelia had other ideas, and a third surprise stopped me cold.
Existe una gran similitud entre Diastatea micrantha y Lobelia xalapensis Kunth, que tambien habita en Jujuy y otras provincias del N de Argentina (Pontiroli, 1993), a tal punto que ejemplares de ambas especies pueden ser confundidos entre si.
In the manner of Mexican lobelia, African bulbine spreads by rhizomes in semi-dry garden spots.
YOU cannot contemplate a hanging basket without lobelia.
Plant one rose in the center of the smallest bowl; set lobelia around the edges.
The flowers grow on a tall stalk in the middle of a lobelia.
Lobelia has beautiful aerial flowers and forms dense populations from the water line and to a water depth of [approximately equal to]2 m (Nygaard 1958).
LOBELIA HADSPEN PURPLE HANGING baskets and containers are full of trailing blue lobelia - it's a firm favourite with gardeners.
LOBELIA THESE flowers originate in southern Africa but no British hanging basket is complete without masses of its intense blue flowers trailing downwards.
Lobelia tupa is one of the most spectacular personalities here and, though I thought first it might succumb to the cold, it has been in situ now for several years and makes itself completely at home.