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1. The dried leaves and tops of Lobelia inflata (family Lobeliaceae); lobelia contains several alkaloids: lobeline, lobelamine, lobelanidine, lobelanine, norlobelanine, norlobelanidine, and isolobelanine. The fluid extract and the tincture have been used as an expectorant in asthma and chronic bronchitis.
2. One of a class of alkaloids isolated from lobelia (1).
3. Any plant of the genus Lobelia.
Synonym(s): asthma-weed (1) , wild tobacco
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Herbal medicine
An annual or biennial plant that contains alkaloids (isolobinine, lobelanidine, lobeline, lobinaline), chelidonic acid, fats and resin. Lobelia is emetic and expectorant, and was once used for asthma, respiratory complaints and for tobacco withdrawal syndrome (due to the content of lobeline); it has been applied topically for bites, poison ivy and fungal infections.

Toxic effects
Nausea, vomiting, coma, and possibly death by paralysis; it is deemed it poisonous by the FDA.
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Cardinal flower (Lobelia cardinalis) is a closely-related Midwest native that boasts showy spikes of red flowers.
A source of colour, beer ingredients, gin flavouring, and medicinal products, expert Agnes Stevenson says gardens are a source of all manner of great products My lobelias have recovered from an earlier snail attack and have finally produced vibrant dark pink flowers on top of their purple stems.
There's no credible evidence that lobelia helps people quit smoking, says the FDA.
All lobelia flowers have two lips - usually an upper lip with two lobes, with the bottom lip divided into three lobes.
If you want a replacement, go for a geranium or lobelia. Water a little more than usual while the new plant beds in.
I once saw a cone-shaped basket planted with all white lobelias topped off by one or two bright red ones so it looked like a raspberry ripple ice cream as it grew.
Thus, the spite of Lobelia's contra-Frodo vendetta turns into the spirit of Lobelia's contra-Sharkey resistance.
I was about to move on, but the lobelia had other ideas, and a third surprise stopped me cold.
Existe una gran similitud entre Diastatea micrantha y Lobelia xalapensis Kunth, que tambien habita en Jujuy y otras provincias del N de Argentina (Pontiroli, 1993), a tal punto que ejemplares de ambas especies pueden ser confundidos entre si.
You will need about 10 plants, for example ivy-leaf geranium, brachycome verbena lobelia, lysimachia and fuchsia.
Plants that attract birds and butterflies, such as monarda, lobelia and buddleia, should be part of every garden.