lobe of prostate

lobe of pros·tate

one of the lateral lobes (right or left) or the middle lobe or isthmus of the prostate; in the adult, the lobes are ill-defined.
Synonym(s): lobus prostatae [TA]
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Protein was extracted from the ventral lobe of prostate for each group, and the concentration was determined according to the manufacturer's instructions (BCA Protein Assay Kit, Thermo Fisher).
Abdomen and pelvic computed tomography (CT) scan and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed a lobular lesion with irregular edge and fluid collection in the left lobe of prostate (Figure 1).
The use of ND, combined or not with physical training, resulted in the development of epithelial hyperplasia, in an increase of the stroma in lateral and ventral lobe of the prostate, and in the lumen increase in the dorsal lobe of prostate of adult rats (Karbalay-Doust & Noorafshan, 2006; de Paiva Foletto et al; Scudeler et al., 2009).