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1. Having life; alive.
2. Of, relating to, or containing living bacteria or active viruses, sometimes in an attenuated form.
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Q. do we need the esophagus to live? If we were to take our esophagus away would we still live?

A. Principally, yes. Feeding can be done through a hole in the stomach (PEG). Life is possible this way, although one may argue about the quality of life in this situation.

Q. How long can an alcoholic expect to live? My nephew who was an alcoholic died in his early age of 35. My uncle who was also an alcoholic died in his age of 48. How long can an alcoholic expect to live?

A. I am sorry. My dad who is an alcoholic too always advice me from his experience that an alcoholic will die younger than they would if they were not using alcohol. There are two sides to this: physiological and psychological. The destructive effect that alcohol has on the human body when used to excess may shorten expected lifespan. This list is long, from brain damage to liver failure.
The psychological side is the likelihood that goofy behavior caused by the use of alcohol may kill them. The list here is endless. Driving while drunk, getting in violent confrontations, taking idiotic risks, using power tools while blitzed. One way or another, the odds are good that this person will die much earlier than if they were not drinking.

Q. how long do u live with lupus? why do we get lupus? why was i hit with it along with all my other medical problems? i dont understand why..

A. well i've had it now for 1 yr and i'm still going

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For Lost In America he met 30 young people living rough. Some were abused as kids, others were bullied for their sexuality.
He spent 15 years living rough on the docks at Seaham Harbour.
MORE than two thirds of Britons have no idea about the extent of young people living rough on the UK's streets, associating the problem with less developed countries, research has shown.
Officers suspect gang members targeted children in care or living rough and transported them around Britain over a six-year period.
In Living Rough, Poe lives in a tent with his homeless father, keeping the secret so they will not be separated.
Mr Fowler had been previously living at a Salvation Army unit but had left months before his death and was living rough.
Many are living rough, or are "sofa surfers", staying for short spells in friends' living rooms.
Cheshire Police said it appeared he had been living rough in a tent.
It is believed he had been living rough in a tent and officers were contacted about his location, a spokeswoman for Cheshire Police said.
In most cases these are not women in fancy dresses living in luxury, but rather struggling women, living rough in small towns that sprang up as mines opened, land came up for grabs, and harsh frontier justice often swamped law and order.
The Simone Hotel (AR June 1993), for instance, is a humane and inventive approach to the maligned typology of the short stay hostel, providing accommodation for people who would otherwise be living rough on the streets.
In the mid '70s, the composer Gavin Bryars came upon a recording of a song sung by an old tramp living rough in London: "Jesus' blood never failed me yet/Never failed me yet;/There's one thing I know,/For he loves me so." Bryars took the old man's cracked, rapturous voice and added a dark, rapturous orchestration--strings, horns, a chorus, choirs.