living matrix

living matrix,

n the collective whole of an organism, including its energies, tissues, cells, systems, and that which connects them.
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The Living Matrix argues that energy fields drive human physiology and biochemistry, rather than genetics.
The Living Matrix will be screened at Cardiff University on September 24.
The Living Matrix is an exciting and visually compelling glimpse into what scientists have begun to see as they look at the wonders of the human body through the lens of quantum physics: that we are far more than "biochemical machines" set on a path to illness or health, determined by our genetic inheritance.
The Living Matrix brings academic and independent researchers, practitioners, and science journalists together in a compelling and lively presentation of new scientific research.
The living matrix has no fundamental unit or central aspect, no part that is primary or most basic.
Each heartbeat, breath, or emotion generates characteristic electromagnetic fields that travel through the living matrix to remote cells and tissues.
This discovery confirmed Saint-Gyorgyi's suggestion of semiconduction in the living matrix and gave a basis for the use of magnets and biomagnetic fields in healing.
But after a few years of diving, he witnessed changes that turned him into a staunch conservationist, fiercely defending marine life as part of a living matrix that made the Earth habitable for humankind.