living anatomy

liv·ing a·nat·o·my

the study of anatomy in the living individual by inspection.
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It is important to note that living anatomy took place within a broader scheme of anatomy teaching and learning, which included clinical anatomy, medical imaging, structure and function and microstructure2.
After reviewing the literature thoroughly, it was found that even though the vascular anatomy of the mediastinum has a wide range of clinical implications and applications, there is dearth of literature about living anatomy of mediastinal vessels in Indian subjects.
I chose radiology as a specialty for several reasons, chief among them to escape internal medicine, but also to enjoy the real science and precision afforded by looking at living anatomy. After all, what could bring more certitude to a diagnostic dilemma than a direct picture of the anatomy and its pathology?
Patel and Moxham found that the order of preference for teaching methods (in descending order) was cadaveric dissection by students, prosection, living anatomy together with radiological anatomy, computer-aided learning (CAL), didactic lectures, and the use of models.
The representation is more closely linked to the living anatomy so prominent in the anatomical atlas tradition.
Hunter's conscious efforts to portray a realistic anatomy mark a distinct departure from the earlier efforts of anatomists to portray an idealized form in the genre of a living anatomy. While the fully developed fetus appears to still be alive, what is left of the mother is decidedly not.
For them, a sophisticated and detailed knowledge of anatomy was of little practical use as they maintained that the dead human body was dissimilar to the living, rendering it an inaccurate guide to the understanding of living anatomy. Moreover, they were convinced that opening a body significantly altered it and that it could no longer provide useful insights into its internal structures.