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This article describes a novel index-based livestock insurance (IBLI) product piloted among pastoralists in Northern Kenya, where insurance markets are effectively absent and uninsured risk exposure is a main cause of poverty.
Of adults in developing countries working in farming, forestry or fishing, only 6 per cent of them have crop, rainfall or livestock insurance.
American Live Stock offers equine and livestock insurance.
Federal crop insurance issued or reinsured under Federal Crop Insurance or any other type of crop or livestock insurance that is privately issued or reinsured;
He also was a vice president of Hartford Livestock Insurance.
Instead, the villagers agreed to a livestock insurance program that would reimburse them for animals lost to predation.
Plans are now well advanced to introduce agriculture and livestock insurance for small farmers.
ISLAMABAD -- The government has directed the commercial banks to formulate farmers friendly packages to initiate livestock insurance scheme for protecting and promoting livestock sector and farmers in the country.
Livestock insurance was first introduced on a pilot basis in 1983 by the Eastern Federal Union Insurance Company.
Following the foot-and-mouth epidemic, he worked with Defra on the future of livestock insurance, gaining further contacts in government.
A variant of livestock insurance existed in Flanders even earlier than 1250, and the Medieval insurance guilds wrote coverage protecting goods in transit, as well as the merchants transporting them.
Tenders are invited for Livestock insurance premium rates

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