liver flap

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Involuntary jerking movements, especially in the hands, best elicited by having the patient extend the upper limb, dorsiflex the wrists, and spread the fingers; results from lapses of sustained posture; seen primarily with various metabolic and toxic encephalopathies, especially hepatic encephalopathy.
Synonym(s): flapping tremor
[G. a- priv. + stērixis, fixed position]
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1. A mass of partially detached tissue.
2. A mass of partially detached tissued incurred by accidental trauma used in plastic surgery of an adjacent area or in covering the end of a bone after resection.
3. An uncontrolled movement seen in some diseases. See: asterixis

amputation flap

A flap of soft tissue (skin and underlying structures as fascia, muscle, etc.) to cover the end of an extremity after an amputation.

flip-flop flap

In plastic surgery, the turning of a partially detached flap or island of tissue in a new direction to cover a defect or to reconstruct a missing structure.

island flap

A skin flap or myocutaneous tissue in which the edges are free but the center is attached and contains the vascular supply.

jump flap

A skin flap moved from place to place by successively cutting one end and attaching it to a new site once vascularity is established on the stationary portion.

liver flap


mucoperiosteal flap

A flap of mucosal tissue, including the underlying periosteum, reflected from the bone during oral surgery.

pedicle flap

A partially detached piece of tissue that is attached on one end to a source of blood. The other end may be surgically connected to a site from which a new blood supply may develop. Synonym: pedicle graft See: jump flap

periodontal flap

A section of soft tissue surgically separated from underlying bone and removed or repositioned to eliminate periodontal pockets or to correct mucogingival defects.

skin flap

A flap containing only skin.

sliding flap

Horizontal movement of a flap to cover a nearby denuded area.

tagliacotian flap

Tagliacotian operation.

tube flap

A variety of pedicle flap which is fashioned into a tubular configuration.
See: pedicle flap
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