Little League

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Little League,

organized sports group for children.
Little League elbow - elbow pain due to repetitive throwing motion. Synonym(s): medial apophysitis
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Although there has been some talk about starting a Little League World Series for the Challenger Division, no one has come up with an idea on how to do it.
Dubai Little League also extends its field to instil sportsmanship and passion for baseball among the Determined Ones, who are officially known as the Dubai Challengers League.
Skanska-Walsh Joint Venture managing the construction of LaGuardia Airport's Concourse B has also gathered funds to sponsor one of the Elmjack Little League teams, who will go by "The Concourse Bees."
Caption: On opening day of the Babe Ruth Little League 2105 season--Saturday May 16--the Mayor was late in arriving.
Baez said registration fees help cover the $2,100 cost of uniforms, the Little League charter fee of $450, insurance of $300 and the umpire fees of $35 to $55 a game.
Our Little League games were cancelled until the lawsuit was resolved.
Even though they didn't play, they became what Little League CEO Creighton Hale called "the most significant amateur team in baseball history."
Little League Sports Director, Jordan Wright, said: "This collaboration with Liverpool FC gives us a chance to expand our unique delivery in primary schools and give more sporting opportunities to children in our community.
Emmett, the starting pitcher for the Santa Fe Little League All Stars, was knocked to the ground after a line drive struck him in the head.
To win the European title and arrive at the 2012 Little League World Series, the KMC team had to compete against several teams throughout Germany.
All went exceptionally well and we had over a thousand kids, parents and Dubai Little League corporate partners there.
recently became the Official Life Insurance Sponsor of Little League Baseball and Softball.