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William J., English surgeon, 1810-1894. See: Little disease.
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Little by little the Holy Spirit would lead us into the whole truth.
That's in contrast to the standard picture, in which planets build up little by little as material in the disk slowly packs together.
Little by little, the dwellings were extended outwards so that the roof of one dwelling became in ziggurat fashion the terrace of the one above; and gradually a dense and intricate structure emerged.
Little by little, the social affairs reporters - a predominantly female group - are breaking taboos.
After that, Dec is determined to find out who the man was and why he came to the House, and his memories start creeping back, little by little.
Yes, the action still entails exposing the body, but small variations, introduced little by little over the years, have changed the meaning of the action.
This fear--which comes, almost literally, from my guts, and has the power to freeze me--is beginning to melt, little by little.
Little by little, however, the stronger drained the resources of the weaker, leaving it cold and underweight.
For an uproarious tango sequence where McGrath, a wisecracking wonder in the role of a zany hotel manager, attempts to enamor a grande dame played by Celia Tackaberry (a Margaret Dumont look-alike), Sabellico, working with an assistant, "laid down a framework--a very loose ground plan" and little by little the routines evolved.
He had such personality and energy which he brought to the group and sadly players like him are disappearing little by little.
Week by week, little by little, he learned to tolerate (the sensations).