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Data Source: The LiTMUS comparative effectiveness trial and included 264 participants, 139 of whom had clinically significant medical burden.
We should also recall another admonition by Kasper to be wary of those who invoke this abstract Christ as an ideology to uphold as eternal the humanly-made structures of the church and who, in the process, mistake the fixed boundaries of litmus tests for the deeper Catholic truth that we are always on the way to Jesus Christ.
The new technology will be marketed through LITMUS RAPID-B, LLC, a subsidiary of LITMUS, LLC.
That litmus test is as follows: petA to start, followed by calzone pizza.
Catholic Senators Edward Kennedy, Joe Biden, Patrick Leahy, Richard Durbin, Chris Dodd and half a dozen others attacked the appointment with all their might trying to make the candidate's views on abortion a litmus test for rejection.
Making sex a litmus test of true communion owes more to Freud than to the Bible.
He may very well believe President Bush when he says there is no litmus test.
veteran status is not a litmus test for a lawmaker's likely support for veterans issues," said National Legislative Director Joseph A.
Appeals to voters should not be on the basis of religion, nor should a candidate's religious beliefs be a litmus test for public office.
But formal tests are one thing, voter preferences another; no one can keep the people from imposing a religious litmus test on candidates.
Use this litmus test to help identify business functions to outsource:
The litmus test is whether the province follows its own timeline and presents a less harsh proposal than Lavagna.