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A device used to crush or fragment a calculus in lithotripsy.


/litho·trip·tor/ (lith´o-trip″tor) lithotripter.


, lithotriptor (lith'o-trip?ter) [ litho- + Gr. trip(sis), rubbing]
A device for breaking up kidney stones. Synonym: lithotrite

electrohydraulic lithotripter

An intracorporeal lithotripter. It is a fluid-filled device that uses electrically generated shock waves next to stones to fragment them.

laser lithotripter

A lithotripter that fragments stones by applying photothermal energy. An endoscope is inserted through the urethra into the bladder, ureter, or renal pelvis and is placed alongside the stone. Application of a laser causes the stone to break apart.

percutaneous ultrasonic lithotripter

A lithotripter that uses ultrasound to break up kidney stones and gallstones. The sound waves are applied to the outside of the body and penetrate to the calculi.
See: extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy
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A system to couple the lithotriptor and the patient.
Binard, traveling by air to reach an SCI center that has a lithotriptor usually discouraged veterans in Florida from getting this nonsurgical kidney-stone treatment.
Out of 225 patients, cannulation failed in 4 cases due to duodenal stenosis and 154 ( 70 % ) out of 221 cases of CBD stones mandated endoscopic treatment with balloon trail, basket extraction, placement of plastic biliary stent temporarily or use of mechanical lithotriptor.
All patients were treated with the unmodified Dornier HM-3 lithotriptor.
Recent research using a new model of lithotriptor has been more successful, however, and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently announced it will sponsor U.
Because a holmium:YAG laser lithotriptor was not available at our institution during the study period, an ultrasonic and/or pneumatic lithotriptor (EMS, Swiss Lithoclast Master, Switzerland) was used for stone fragmentation in all cases.
The stone was endoscopically fragmented with pneumatic lithotriptor at the lithotomy position under spinal anesthesia.
While all participating clinics had rigid nephroscope, flexible ureterorenoscopy and electroshock wave lithotriptor were available in 41% and 49% of the clinics, respectively.