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/litho·trip·ter/ (lith´o-trip″ter) an instrument for crushing calculi in lithotripsy.




A device that pulverizes kidney stones and gallstones by passing shock waves through a water-filled tub in which the patient sits.


Urology A device used during cystoscopy to crush and remove bladder, ureteral, and renal stones


, lithotriptor (lith'o-trip?ter) [ litho- + Gr. trip(sis), rubbing]
A device for breaking up kidney stones. Synonym: lithotrite

electrohydraulic lithotripter

An intracorporeal lithotripter. It is a fluid-filled device that uses electrically generated shock waves next to stones to fragment them.

laser lithotripter

A lithotripter that fragments stones by applying photothermal energy. An endoscope is inserted through the urethra into the bladder, ureter, or renal pelvis and is placed alongside the stone. Application of a laser causes the stone to break apart.

percutaneous ultrasonic lithotripter

A lithotripter that uses ultrasound to break up kidney stones and gallstones. The sound waves are applied to the outside of the body and penetrate to the calculi.
See: extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy
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The mean energy setting of the lithotripter used during ESWL in the Cases was 3.
Among them 3rd generation Dornier MPL 9000 Lithotripter (Figure-1) was claimed to be a state of art lithotripter.
The innovative Sonolith i-move is a compact and modular lithotripter with a revolutionary infrared stereo-vision system for real-time, three-dimensional ultrasound free line localisation of urinary stones.
As approved, the combination of Medstone's lithotripter, with a pharmaceutical dissolution, is indicated for use in fragmenting and eliminating symptomic, radiolucent, non-calcified gallstones less than 20mm in maximum diameter in certain patients with a functioning gallbladder.
Maybe Methodist would offer a home to the first lithotripter in the United States.
Our intention was to investigate the effects of HFJV during SWL using a newer generation lithotripter with a smaller focal zone.
They are looking into the lithotripter procedure to see if it can be used in combination with the solvent.
Buying a mobile lithotripter for urological and andrological applications for the Regional Hospital Steyr incl.
Main features: of this consultation is to hire, delivery, installation, commissioning of a lithotripter for the sector surgical urology sites of Stamps and Dourdan.
Prior Information Notice without call for competition: lithotripter for landspitali university hospital of iceland.
Contract award: fibre laser single use lithotripter.
He said stones less than of 1 cm size be removed naturally where those less than 2 cm were removed by lithotripters and it was necessary for the patient to make sure the removal of kidney stone.