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Informatics The ability to read and write. See Digital literacy Medical communication The ability to read and understand written text, instructions and medically relevant materials. See health literacy, Science literacy.
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Ability of a person to read, write, and speak English, and to solve problems sufficiently well to function in a job and in society.
[L. littera, letter]
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(lit′ĕ-răt) [L. litteratus, marked with letters]
Being able to read and write, and to use written language as in understanding graphs, charts, tables, maps, symbols, and formulas. literacy (-ră-sē)

number literacy

The ability of patients to understand their lab values and make lifestyle adjustments accordingly.
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He informed that PC-I of the Literacy department was being revised and added that they were making reforms to ensure quality education of children besides their character building.
In 1960, UNESCO identified the University of Ibadan as a centre for literacy promotion in Nigeria.
Punjab Literacy and Non-Formal Education Department is implementing various projects related to literacy and Non-Formal Basic Education.
Keywords: Adolescents, Functional health literacy, Health seeking.
He was of the view that the commission had been successfully executing its policies and programmes including Adult Literacy Programme for the mothers and Universal Primary Education through its feeder schools, Madrassa School Project, Literacy for Jail project and National Training Institute.
Honors an organization demonstrating achievement, innovation, leadership or organizational excellence in support of adult basic education, literacy and/or family literacy education in Florida.
* critical literacy (focusing on critical thinking)
The literacy rankings are based on an area's 'literacy vulnerability score', created by assessing a number of factors associated with low literacy, including levels of education, income and unemployment.
People low literacy likely to But in Elswick, another of the areas with the worst literacy problems, men live to 71.4 and women to 77.1, whereas in Jesmond, which is in the top 10% of wards with good literacy in the country, NLT men live 78.4 years and women live 86.7 years.
Literacy is a key to human resources development and it is the precondition to benefit from all resources.
The survey is silent on the reasons that were earlier quoted as causes for reduction in the literacy rate in the country.