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Informatics The ability to read and write. See Digital literacy Medical communication The ability to read and understand written text, instructions and medically relevant materials. See health literacy, Science literacy.


Ability of a person to read, write, and speak English, and to solve problems sufficiently well to function in a job and in society.
[L. littera, letter]


(lit′ĕ-răt) [L. litteratus, marked with letters]
Being able to read and write, and to use written language as in understanding graphs, charts, tables, maps, symbols, and formulas. literacy (-ră-sē)

number literacy

The ability of patients to understand their lab values and make lifestyle adjustments accordingly.
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Research suggests that many of the negative effects of inadequate health literacy can be mitigated within the health care system through patient education and support, systems improvements, and health care provider accommodations (Kandula et al.
These include What Principals Need to Know About Teaching Reading from the NAESR and Promoting Literacy in Grades 4-9 from the NMSA.
Because the Channel One program may have real benefits and real costs for students, the program provides an ideal focus for examining the extent to which media literacy training can enhance the benefits and diminish the risks associated with use of the program in schools.
Like CalCPA's financial literacy initiative, the summit was about improving the financial literacy of all Californians, with significant focus on helping students and young adults.
According to Pues, there are three main groups with literacy problems.
State CPA society financial literacy programs, resources (www.
Part of the problem, says Sunil Kripalani, MD, MSc, a health literacy researcher and assistant professor of medicine at Emory University's School of Medicine in Atlanta, GA, is the underlying assumption health care professionals have about their patients.
pharmaceutical company, has been committed to raising awareness of the health literacy issue and developing solutions for addressing this public health problem.
Prendergast uses contemporary literacy theory and critical race theorists' reading of the Brown ruling to argue that the justices' explicit and implicit arguments reify a view of education as essentially White property.
Health literacy is a complex phenomenon that involves individuals, families, communities, and systems.
The article is divided into three sections: (a) a description of the literacy component of Project LEAD, (b) the major question asked concerning the literacy component at the end of the project, and (c) the changes that occurred in literacy instruction as a result of Project LEAD.
Stearns for her leadership and years of work in promoting literacy in our province, Eyre said.