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Johann B., German physiologist, 1808-1882. See: Listing reduced eye, Listing law.
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Launched in New York in May of 1999, the Silicon Alley firm, is achieving strong results from brokers and landlords listing their smaller availabilities and the prospective tenants who have small space needs.
"By partnering with our colleagues and creating the multiple listing service, we will be providing an effective, efficient way for our agents to reach even greater heights of success," said Clark Halstead, Founder and Managing Partner of the The Halstead Property Company.
MLX has a seven-day listing staff to ensure the freshness of the listings and to be on call for MLX members.
"If you list on a Thursday, buyers will be more likely to see your listing as a 'new home for you' right before they go out and tour over the weekend."
Most of the famous text books contain relatively difficult codes listings to understand the implementation details (Malik, 2016).
Across the UK, there are 8,964 pubs with a grade listing, according to Historic England, with 11 claiming the prestigious Grade I listing.
REBNY has begun development of a Web portal that will incorporate its members' listings and make the as-yet-unnamed service available to the general public free of charge.
As in the case of stale-dated checks, municipalities have been routinely providing listings of these accounts, and the third-party requesters have been submitting fraudulent powers of attorney seeking to recover these funds supposedly for the intended recipient.
Flower and Sons, New York's oldest and largest oyster farming company, told the Associated Press that, ironically, any federal "listing" of the Eastern oyster in Oyster Bay, where he leases 1,800 acres for aquaculture, would likely reduce wild oyster populations.
Be forewarned: The institution will be forced to jump though a great many hoops to get such a listing, and you may have to redesign the layout of some of your emails to get one.
While the JWC has been listing high-risk areas for a number of years, within the past two years the committee took a closer look at how the list was put together.