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listening posts, in craniosacral therapy, the places on the body from which the therapist can perceive the flow of cerebrospinal fluid or energy in the patient. The ankles or the occiput (i.e., the base of the skull) are the standard listening posts.
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Caption: Above: The RID had listening posts with powerful equipment that could home in on illicit radio signals, even distant ones.
To pinpoint the location of NSA listening posts, the mapmakers turned to documents released by former NSA contractor and whistleblower Edward Snowden.
While it is certainly necessary for marketers to continue doing periodic strategic satisfaction surveys containing 20 or more questions on a range of competitive variables like products, pricing and promotion, the new little listening posts can help us in our day-to-day fine-tuning of our operations.
Sightings occurring either at the listening posts or that were obtained by tracking in on calling groups yielded a mean group size of 3.
Tesco is rolling out new digital listening posts through its entertainment departments to enable customers to preview CDs, DVDs and games.
The British Government had allowed American listening posts and tracking stations to be built on those SBAs.
The new store even has listening posts where customers can sample CDs and records before they buy.
Lights blinked, drums thumped, wall-size video screens flashed, listening posts offered sounds of gurgling water and brewery workers at their tasks, but it was all so antiseptic.
Visitors can now find a range of new services, including Playstation games, DVDs, listening posts, cafe area, teenage area and new books.
This complex, which I am calling empire," he writes, "consists of permanent naval bases, military airfields, army garrisons, espionage listening posts, and strategic enclaves on every continent of the globe.
His challenge was to devise computer models of ocean acoustics that would make it possible to take signals received at underwater listening posts and trace them back to their sources--for instance, enemy submarines.
The British Library in London has introduced record-shop style listening posts to enable visitors to listen to their choice of number one hits from the last 50 years.