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listening posts, in craniosacral therapy, the places on the body from which the therapist can perceive the flow of cerebrospinal fluid or energy in the patient. The ankles or the occiput (i.e., the base of the skull) are the standard listening posts.
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According the Providence Journal article, Thomas Cave, head of the FCC Radio Intelligence Division listening post atop the hill, led Gavrilovic and his party on a tour of the site.
The survey results demonstrate just how much federal policy and budget decisions impact on the health and vitality of nonprofits, said Peter Goldberg, chair of the Advisory Committee of the Listening Post Project and president and chief executive officer of Alliance for Children and Families.
Among them are Bawdsey Island, a hush-hush wartime experimental station, and remote Orford Island, a top-secret Cold War listening post now National Trust-owned.
The key cellular player in this process is a molecule called N-methyl D-aspartate receptor (NMDAR), which acts like a combination listening post and gate-keeper.
A file on Blair was said to have been compiled at giant US listening post Fort Gordon, in Georgia, run by the National Security Agency.
On top of each listening post will be a red light which will blink like a beacon at night.
In World War II it was a base for Dakotas and gliders preparing for the D-Day and Arnhem landings, and during the Cold War was used as a Government listening post and research base.
There is a new-look children's library with specially designed furniture and a CD listening post, an Employment Training Services programme centre providing a full range of job-seeking facilities.
The dedicated area on the ground floor is equipped with 10 computers, hundreds of books on subjects such as pop, sport and fashion, and a CD listening post.
Prime worked at the government listening post GCHQ in Cheltenham and was trapped after admitting to his second wife Rhona he had been a spy for 14 years.
The electronic listening post is hoping an annual bursary of pounds 1,000, plus two annual payments of pounds 800, will attract suitably qualified linguists.
To their delight, they also discovered wine, a cocktail bar, cigars and a music listening post.