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Abbreviation for:
local immune therapy
local implementation team  
lumbar infusion test

lymphocyte immune therapy



A purported treatment for recurrent miscarriage, in which cells from a potential father are infused into a woman who has had previous loss of pregnancy after intercourse with this partner.


LIT has not been shown to prevent spontaneous abortion and may be hazardous to the recipient of the infused cells. In the U.S., the FDA permits research on LIT but not its use in everyday medical practice.
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During this term, 608 million liras were withheld from income of bank deposits, 601 million liras were withheld from business rental fees, 289 million liras were withheld from payments of private business, and 245 million liras were withheld from profits distributed by various institutions.
397 billion liras came from workers and civil servants.
Turks pay 17 liras in taxes for a bottle of Raki that costs 29.
Cellular phone users pay one lira in taxes for each 3-minute talk.
Ziraat, the largest lender by assets in Turkey, said total loans granted soared 19 percent year-on-year to 33 billion liras.
The company's consolidated profit increased 3 percent over the same period last year up to 7,818 million Turkish liras.
Turk Telekom said it spent 1,750 million Turkish liras for investment in the first nine months of 2009 which marked a 80.
But from January 1 all that will change when Turkey's central bank lops six zeros off the currency, creating the New Turkish Lira at the rate of one to a million of the current units.
Turkey boasts the world's highest denomination current banknote, for 20 million lira - worth about pounds 7.