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 [lik´er, li´kwor]
1. a liquid, especially an aqueous solution, containing medicinal substances.
2. a term applied to certain body fluids.
liquor am´nii amniotic fluid.
liquor cerebrospina´lis cerebrospinal fluid.
liquor folli´culi the fluid in the cavity of a developing graafian follicle.
liquor pu´ris the fluid portion of pus.
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, gen.


, pl.


(li'kŏr, -wōr-is, -wō'rēs), [TA] As a Latin word, liquor (as in the phrase liquor folliculi) is pronounced lī'kwōr by speaker of English. As an English word (as in spirituous liquor) it is pronounced lĭk'er.
1. Any liquid or fluid.
See also: solution.
2. A term used for certain body fluids.
See also: solution.
3. The pharmacopoeial term for any aqueous solution (not a decoction or infusion) of a nonvolatile substance and for aqueous solutions of gases.
See also: solution.
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A drinkable liquid containing ethanol produced by distilling fermented grain, fruit, or vegetables, which contrasts to undistilled fermented beverages—e.g., beer and wine. Hard liquor is generally used for a spirit with high—e.g., 30%—ethanol content and includes gin, rum, tequila, vodka, and whisky.
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Medtalk A fluid, usually aqueous containing a medicinal. See Herbal liquor Vox populi A beverage with a high–generally > 20%–concentration of ethanol. See Hard liquor.
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, pl. liquores (līkwōr, lī-kwōrēz) [TA]
1. Any liquid or fluid.
2. A term for certain body fluids.
3. The pharmacopeial term for any aqueous solution (not a decoction or infusion) of a nonvolatile substance and for aqueous solutions of gases.
See also: solution
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, pl. liquores (līkwōr, lī-kwōrēz) [TA] As a Latin word, liquor is pronounced lī'kwōr. As an English word it is pronounced lik'ĕr.
1. Any liquid or fluid.
2. A term usedfor certain body fluids.
3. Pharmacopoeial term for any aqueous solution of a nonvolatile substance.
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Patient discussion about liquor

Q. Is wine or beer safer to drink than liquor? My new girl friend requests me to quit liquor. Is wine or beer safer to drink than liquor?

A. Wine or beer is not safer to drink than liquor. Liquor is liquor. A twelve - ounce beer has the same amount of alcohol as a five - ounce glass of wine, or 1.5 - ounce shot of liquor. It is the amount of ethanol consumed that affects a person most, not the type of alcoholic drink.

Q. Is holding liquor a sign of a drinking problem? How can I have a drinking problem if I can hold my liquor? Is holding liquor a sign of a drinking problem?

A. "being able to hold your liquor" is actually the liver gathering forces...let's imagine that our liver is a factory that disables alcohol as a poison. and i have a 100 workers over there. if i'll drink great amount of alcohol my workers will be busy and most of the alcohol will run along in my body. but after a few times i'll hire more workers. then less alcohol will run along my body and i'll disable it fast. same thing in your body.

Q. I drink liquor a lot maybe 4x a week and I love drinking but after a couple days my veins star to hurt...Y? It runs in the familly alcohol and bud but I wish I could go a whole year withought poppin bottles.. what will be perscibed to a alki?


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