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The court-appointed liquidators expressed optimism that the process will be in the interest of all stakeholders.
The nominee receiving the highest number of votes cast in terms of the amount of claim held or represented, and who is qualified pursuant to Section 8 of this Rule, shall be appointed liquidator.
He told Parliament that the liquidator could not be paid from the proceeds of the liquidation as these would only be realised once the estate had been wound up.
The liquidators claim the Bank wrongfully granted BCCI a banking licence and then did not move to withdraw it quickly enough.
He said Mr Dixon-Warren on the 28 May, 2019 formally applied to the master of the High Court to relieve him of his duties and obligations as liquidator and provisional liquidator in accordance with Section 457(1) of the Companies Act, citing poor working relationship between him and government.
Tyne Tees Telecoms appointed administrators in 2010 but the company's liquidators are just reaching a point when they may be able to pay out cash to those affected by the firm's collapse.
Liquidation of the company will begin on Friday after the appointment of a provisional liquidator who is responsible for the protection of the company's interests until a liquidator is appointed by the court next month.
A court in the Cayman Islands this month appointed PwC as provisional liquidator of Abraaj Holdings and Deloitte as provisional liquidators of Abraaj Investment Management Ltd.