liquid protein diet

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liquid protein diet

Fringe nutrition
A very low-calorie weight-reduction diet that provides 800 calories and protein in the form of hydrolysed collagen. The quality of protein in collagen is so poor that it is immediately converted to glucose, resulting in a negative nitrogen balance; liquid-protein diets have been linked to sudden cardiac death, and have been abandoned by mainstream medical practitioners.

liq·uid pro·tein diet

(lik'wid prō'tēn dī'ĕt)
Liquid nourishment or meal replacement that a person may consume to lose weight and/or gain muscle mass depending on the amount of protein and the frequency of consumption.

liquid protein diet

A severely calorically restricted diet, lacking carbohydrates, fats, and many minerals and vitamins.


Its use has been associated on occasion with cardiac rhythm disturbances and sudden cardiac death.
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